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Longyan taihua industrial co., LTD,Is agricultural industrialization of fujian province provincial key leading enterprise、Fujian province famous brand enterprises。Companies have:Taihua food co., LTD,Taihua agricultural materials co., LTD。Taihua is committed to the industry:The fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables, such as agricultural products、Processing、Processing technology research、Farm produce and agricultural means of production and green sales promotion of agricultural products、The development and popularization of the technology of cold chain、Refrigeration business services。2000Completion in minxi first controlled atmosphere cold storage of fresh fruits and vegetables(3000Tons)And the fruit and vegetable modified atmosphere laboratory,Enterprise oneself institute of processing technology for fruits and vegetables,For a variety of fruit and vegetable products technology research fresh during storage。2011In the years to build、Low temperature is warm7000Tons of cold storage,And research、Block buildings and related facilities for a total of about3Million square meters。Relying on the cold chain logistics warehousing center,Has been successfully build scale in minxi concentration of frozen goods wholesale market2016Investment is close5000Wan Yuanxing20000Tons of low temperature cold storage and ice-making and quick-frozen workshop,Has been in2017Years1Put into operation。At present,Cold storage capacity of company30000Tons,Has become the largest minxi refrigerated base,Support regional supply and cold chain supporting services。......

Longyan taihua agricultural materials co., LTDLongyan taihua food co., LTDLongyan taihua fruits and vegetables co., LTDTaihua fruit and vegetable institute of modified atmosphereTaihua fruits and vegetables preservation processing distribution service centerTaihua agricultural products quality inspection centerTaihua fruit and vegetable controlled atmosphere cold storage of freshChinese wine maotai longyan storesTaihua yields and demonstration base of agricultural production
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Chinese wine maotai-Longyan taihua stores
Chinese wine maotai-Longyan taihua stores

Chinese wine maotai-Longyan taihua stores[2010-10-30]
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